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HKARMS Safety Corner

The Safety Corner contains articles that introduce or discuss various topics in Risk Management and Safety. Some of the articles are also posted in the Hong Kong Engineer.

Issue Title of Article
137 Post pandemic business resumption planning?
136 How can you cope with home quarantine?
135 What are Employee Obligations for Health and Safety?
134 What is BCSP safety management specilaists?
133 What is reportable accident for work place-related occupational injury?
132 An update on ISO 45001?
131 What is NCD?
130 Safety consideration related to ageing workforce?
129 What is Vision Zero?
128 What are the risks associated with asbestos?
127 What would a crystal ball tell us about safety management in 2028?
126 Mitigating against the threat from terror?
125 What are the code words for nuclear incident terminology?
124 What is ISM Code?
123 Is vaccination safe?
122 What is functional safety?
121 Chemical safety?
120 Grey Rhino and white elephant?
119 Common unsafe practice at worksites?
118 Fire life safety on rapid transit?
117 Safety for construction maintenance next to live traffic?
116 Safety precautions when using rechargeable USB power banks?
115 How to play Pokemon Go safely?
114 What is Prevention Safety Culture?
113 cancelled - no article?
112 What is the NTTL campaign?
111 What are the board directors responsibilities for safety and health?
110 How to control the risk of lead exposure at workplace?
109 How to conduct a risk assessment for dangerous goods storage site?
108 How to be safe during a pleasure boat trip?
107 What are the Do's and Don'ts of Risk Assessment?
106 What to do during a hotel fire?
105 How to prevent eye injuries at workplace?
104 What is ISO 45001?
103 What is a black swan event?
102 What is the meaning of various risk terms commonly used in engineering related safety?
101 What is Dengue Fever?
100 What is the difference between risk appetite and risk tolerance?
99 How to prevent back injuries in office?
98 How to prevent dust explosions?
97 What is SPF in UV protection?
96 What are the negative effects of cognitive bias on safety decisions?
95 What is industrial safety?
94 What are fault-tolerant designs and fail-safe designs?
93 How to prevent slip, trip and fall hazards at workplace?
92 What are the common motivation strategies for accident prevention?
91 What is the risk compensation theory?
90 What are the cold weather hazards to workers?
89 What is GFOA??
88 What is SIRA?
87 What is ARMS in aviation industry?
86 What are the common pitfalls in risk assessment?
85 What is ISO 14971?
84 What is ISO 39001?
83 What is EFQM?
82 What is utility safety?
81 What is HEART?
80 What is HACCP?
79 What is risk-based food safety?
78 What is ATWS in railway safety?
77 What is ATWS in nuclear safety?
76 What are the different degrees of burn?
75 What is radiation poisoning and what is neutron poisoning??
74 What is individual risk?
73 What is precautionary principle?
72 What are external events in QRA?
71 What is Heat Stroke?
70 Is crossing the street safe?
69 What is THERP?
68 What is Reliability Centred Maintenance?
67 What is Process Safety Management?
66 What is Passive Safety?
65 Application of Broken Windows Theory in Safety Management
64 Which plastic bottle is safe to re-use?
63 Addressing Uncertainty in a Risk Assessment
62 Application of criminology theories in safety management
61 Laser Safety
60 Communication Strategy during Safety Crisis
58 Understanding Boiling Water Reactors
57 What is Seismic Risk Assessment?
56 Uncertainty Analysis versus Sensitivity Analysis
55 Why is Uncertainty Analysis Important to a Safety Risk Assessment?
54 What is the Evidence of an Effective Risk Management Regime?
53 What is Resilience Engineering?
52 What is Human Reliability Assessment?
51 What are the Considerations when Defining the Scope of a Risk Assessment?
50 What are the Lessons Learned from the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe?
49 What are the Seven Sins of a Risk Assessment?
48 What are the Criteria for an ��Acceptable�� Risk Assessment?
47 Would Risk Assessment Prevent the Gulf Oil Spill at Deepwater Horizon?
46 How to Apply Probability Distributions in Risk Analysis?
45 What is the Unavailability of an Unattended System?
44 What is the Management Oversight and Risk Tree?
43 What is Reliability Engineering?
42 What is the Availability of an Engineering System?
41 What is ISO 31000:2009?
40 How to Enhance the Safety of ��Working at Height��?
39 How to assess the fire risks of a complex engineering system or facility?
38 How to calculate the probability of fire-induced damage or fatality?
37 What is the probability of fire-induced damage or personnel injuries?
36 What is Common-Cause Failure?
35 What are the Key Characteristics of Component Failure?
34 Not posted
33 What can Engineers do about Legionnaires' disease?
32 What is Safety Validation of Organisational Change?
31 What is Behavioural-Based Safety?
30 What are the Uncertainties in a Risk Assessment for Complex Engineering System?
29 What is an Event Tree?
28 What is a Fault Tree?
27 What is a PRA?
26 What is WASH-1400?
25 What is Corporate Safety Governance?
24 Crisis management
23 What is a wrong side failure?
22 What is the Application of Bayes' Theorem in Safety Engineering?
21 What is Safety Integrity Level (SIL)?
20 What does the marking of ��CE�� on products stand for?
19 What is the ��Defence-in-depth�� Strategy in Safety Management?
18 What is CDM?
17 What are the Key Risk Control strategies?
16 What are the Chinese Regulations on Reporting, Investigation and Handling of Work Safety Accidents?
15 What is OHSAS 18001-2007?
14 What is OHSAS 18001?
13 How to control safety hazards?
12 What is CSP?
11 What is a CSE?
10 What is a failure and what is a fault?
9 What is HAZOP?
8 What is a System Safety Program Plan?
7 What is 5S?
6 What is CMIOSH?
5 What is GAMAB?
4 What is ALARP?
3 What is a Safety Case?
2 What is System Safety?
1 What is Safety?



16 Nov 2010
  The Risk of Using Risk Matrix in Assessing Safety Risks   Vincent Ho
11 Nov 2009
Health, Safety and the Art of War Nigel Heaton
9 Nov 2009
Business Risk Management Amid Safety Professionals Nigel Heaton
3 Sep 2009
Practices in Enterprise Risk Management John Foulley
18 June 2009
Seminar on Nuclear Energy - A clean, renewable power source with a troubled past and an uncertain future Vincent Ho
17 June 2009
Technical Meeting on Managing Corporate Risk in Asia Steve Vickers
11 June 2009
Seminar on Safety Initiative: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Stephen Erni
5 June 2009
Seminar on Bow-tie Modelling in Effective Safety Risk Control Lisa Shi
5 June 2009
Technical Visit to Taiwan Tsu Mu Kao
22 May 2009 Safety and Health Seminar on H1N1: Truth, Conscience and Science Lo Wing-lok
21 May 2009

Seminar on Work Injury Management: Western and local approach
--> PowerPoint by Dr. Chui
--> PowerPoint by Dr. Leong
--> PowerPoint by Ms. Maggie Wong

Dr. Chui
Dr. Leong
Maggie Wong

4 May 2009 Health and Safety Seminar on ��Human Swine Influenza�� Nelson Wong
3 Feb 2009 Technical Meeting on "The Construction Accident Rate and Effectiveness of Safety Measures Implemented in the Hong Kong Construction Industry SW Poon
3 Feb 2009
  Technical Meeting on "Building an Effective Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) System"   Nigel Heaton
19 Jan 2009
  Technical Meeting on Behavioural-Based Safety: Challenges in Asia   Ricky Yu
16 Dec 2008
  Process Safety Control System   Stephen Pang
16 Oct 2008
The Development and Implementation of Safety Management System in Ngong Ping 360 Limited   Joey Tse
30 Sep 2008
  Safety in the Railway Industry   KW Pang
21 Sep 2008
  Risk Management and Applications of System Safety Vincent Ho
19 Sep 2008
Technical Seminar on Asset Management �V PAS 55: Specification for the optimized management of physical infrastructure assets Stephen Yu
29 Aug 2008
  Seminar on Professional English Writing for Engineers and Utility Specialists   Winnie Cheng
26 Jul 2008
  Applications of System Safety Engineering in Improving Safety & Health   Vincent Ho
07 Jun 2008
Technical Seminar in Pearl River Delta Area - A Two-day Technical Talk on Safety and Utility Management Vincent Ho
28 May 2008
Safety Culture in the Transport Industry - A Western Australian Journey   Catherine Wallace
21 Apr 2008
Bayes' Theorem and its Application in Quantitative Risk Assessment Vincent Ho
21 Apr 2008
Data Analysis for Fire Frequency Vincent Ho
22 Feb 2008

Corporate Safety Governance

  Carl Wu
22 Aug 2007
An Application of Quantitative Risk Assessment Techniques in Verifying System Safety Acceptance
  Vincent Ho
06 Jun 2007
Introduction to Fire Safety Engineering   Eric W.M. Lee
13 Apr 2007
A Hybrid Decision Analysis Technique for Cost/Risk/Benefit Analysis
  Vincent Ho
13 Apr 2007
A Risk-Based Framework to Prioritise Safety Improvement Alternatives
  Vincent Ho
30 Mar 2007
An Engineering Analysis of Truss-out Metal Bracket Bamboo Scaffoldings
  C.C. Chang
28 Oct 2006
Enterprise Risk Management (For better layout, please adjust the size manually before printing)   Edward Tse, Ernest To, Ivan Lai, Victor C. L. Kwong, Vincent Ho
23 Apr 2006
Risk Management & Decision Analysis in Safety   Vincent Ho
02 Dec 2005

Current Applications of Probabilistic Safety Assessment for Nuclear Power Plants

David H. Johnson
29 Nov 2005

Applications of Risk-based Decision Making in Aerospace Design

  Michael V. Frank

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2005 Asia-Pacific Conference on Risk Management and Safety:

A Bayesian Inference Algorithm to Identify Types of Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants   Kyung Min Kang, Moosung Jae
A Holistic Approach to Risk Management   Dono Tong & Jeff Chan
3 A Railway Journey into Risk Management   Andrew McCusker
4 A Review on Risk Levels Associated with LPG Filling Stations in Hong Kong   Matthew Ko
A Systemic Approach to a Railway Accident Scenario Analysis Using a Quality Function Deployment   Chanwoo Park, Jongbae Wang, Sanglog Kwak, and Joonam Park
A Titania Nanotechnology-based Photocatalytic Oxidation Pollutant -remediation Approach
  Sai C Chan
Accident Precursor Monitoring in Metro Railways   Robin Hirsch
8 Accident Sequence Analysis of Railway Accidents Based on Safety Control Functions   Takehisa Kohda
9 Accident Sequence Precursor Analyses Of Taiwan Nuclear Power Plants   Yuan-Ching Chou and Ching-Hui Wu
An Approach for Implementing Risk-Informed Evaluation on Check Valves in Taiwan BWR Type Nuclear Power Plant   K.Ting, Y.C. Li
An Integrated Operational Risk Management Framework for Power Generation   Stephen W.K. Pang
An Integrated R&D Plan for the Railroad Safety in Korea   Yunok Cho, Jongbae Wang, Sanglog Kwak, Chanwoo Park
An Overview of a Proposed Shift from the Prescriptive Approach to a Risk-Based Approach in the Provision of Fire Extinguishers in Hong Kong   Michael Leung
14 An Overview of Risk Management in Public Transportation in North America   Alan L. Rao
Anti-Terrorism Strategies for Land Transportation - A Risk-Informed Approach   Andrea Har, Christine Wong
Application of Systems Engineering to Enhance Safety and Risk Management in Railway Projects   R N Dumolo
Applying the Concept of Safety Management to the Civil Aviation System in Hong Kong   Norman Lo
Assessment and Integration of Software Risk with Overall System Risk   Michael Yau
Assessing 'Risk Culture' Using Risk Management, Risk Perception and Safety Climate Measures   Ian Glendon
Behavioural responses to an audible fire alarm in high-rise buildings in Hong Kong   Fong, N. K., Wong, L. T. and Sui, W. H .
Business Continuity Planning; Financial impact analysis and the role of insurance   Luke W Stratford
Business Risk Management of China Joint-venture Gas Companies   K T Leung
Catastrophe Risk Assessment and Management   Weiling Chiang

Current Applications of Probabilistic Safety Assessment for Nuclear Power Plants

David H. Johnson
Conveying Dangerous Goods by Freight Train   Louis Lee & Eliza Cheng
Consideration of Uncertainty in Structral Design of RC Frame Subjected to Eismic Loading
  Petr ?temberk, Jaroslav Kruis and Alena Kohoutkova
Corporate Governance and Safety Risk Management in Asia   Alan Waring
Cost-Effectiveness of safety measures in Multiple Use of Space   S.I. Suddle
CPM, PERT & Schedule Risk Analysis in Construction   Pedram Daneshmand
Current Issues in Risk Management and Safety   David H. Johnson
Degradation Analysis and Risk-Informed Management of Feedwater System in Nuclear Power Plants   Wen-Fang Wu, Hung-Ta Kuo, Chih-Hsien Wu and Jang-Shyong You
Development of Safe Job Procedure ?Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)   Fenkins L.Y. Chow
Electricity Legislation in Hong Kong Safeguarding the General Public in the Use of Electricity   K. M. Leung, W. Y. Ho
Experimental Verification of a Radiant Heat Exposure Model   Hui, P. S., Wong, L. T.
Evaluation of Human Factor within System Reliability   O. Borgia, F. De Carlo, F. Tocchi
Fault Tree Modeling Using CBHRA and SAF Method   Hyun Gook Kang
Fire Risk in Metro Tunnels and Stations   Leong Poon, Richard Lau
Hardening for the Terrorist Threat �V Are There Any Silver Bullets?   Arnold Dix
How Can We Survive Between Safety And Risk? - An Elucidation of Appropriate Definition -   Shigeo Kojima
IE Analysis for ABWR on the Purpose of Risk-Informed Applications
  Ching-Hui Wu
Lessons Learned and Risk Management of JAXA
  Kazuyuki Tohara
Managing Fuel Gas Risk in Hong Kong   Roger S H LAI
Marine Risk Assessment and its Role in Port Management   Richard D Colwill, Eric Wong
Measurement and Improvement of Information Security and Safety Culture   S. O. Johnsen
45 Occupational Chemical Exposure Management System   Jer-Pei Fong, Cheng-Chao Wu
On Estimating Heat Release Rate for a Design Fire in Sprinkler Protected Area   W.K. Chow
Practical Ergonomics Recommendations for the Use of Auditory and Visual Signals for Improving System Performance   Ken W.L. Chan & Alan H.S. Chan
Performance Reliability of Flow Networks   Rajiv Kumar
Prevention of Incidences of Falling from Height   Encon Y.Y. Hui
Recent Advances in Inspection and Monitoring of Buildings & Infrastructures   Michael Y.Y. Hung
Return to Work Risk Management Program   Fanny Li, Andy Cheng
Risk Analysis of a Liquefied Natural Gas Storage Tank   Yu-Chih Ko
Risk Analysis vesrsus Risk Acceptability in Major European Tunnel Projects   D. Diamantidis
Risk-Informed Regulation and Applications in Taiwan   Tsu-Mu Kao
55 Risk, is there no Reward?   A G Hessami
56 Risk Management Considerations of the SOFIA Aircraft   Michael V. Frank
57 Risk Management of Amusement Park   Frankie Hau
58 Risk Management or Managing Risk? Moving People from Process to Preference!
  David Smith
59 Risk Management Policy Based on the Defence-in-Depth Concept   Jacques VALANCOGNE, Alain COINTET
60 Safety Assurance for Chinese Railway �V Interfacing with International Practice and Standards   Simon Zhang
61 Safety Certification Process for Rapid Transit Systems in Singapore
  Khoo Shee Kang
62 Safety in Construction of Major Projects   Arnold Dix
63 Safety Management and Certification on Singapore Longest Road Tunnel - Kallang and Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE)   Roger Lim
64 Safety Management System in Air Traffic Services
  David Cheung
65 Security on London Underground   G. Dunmore, R. Hirsch
66 Software System Safety and Reliability   M. Xie
67 Stability Solution for Inherently Safe ESBWR Operation   Ren-Tai Chiang, Yee Kwong Cheung, and Alan K. Chung
68 System Analysis Event Tree Analysis   Marvin Rausand
69 The Comparison of CFD with a Traditional Method Used in an Incident Investigation Case Happened in Taiwan   Yet-Pole I, Te-Lung Cheng
70 The European Lookout to Industrial Safety
  Enrico Zio
71 The Fire and Explosion Simulation of Flammable Gas Release within a Semiconductor Plant
  Yet-Pole I, Yi-Long Chiua, and Shi-Jen Wu
72 The Developments in a Rational Approach to Risk: A Practitioner��s View over 45 Years   J. Anthony Cuming
73 The Development of a 3D Risk Analysis Method   Yet-Pole I, Te-Lung Cheng
74 The Development of a 3D Consequence Analysis Software   Yet-Pole I, Chang-Hua Lee, and Te-Lung Cheng
75 The Development Of Integrated Safety In The Construction Industry In Hong Kong   Y Y Wong
76 The Introduction of the Weighted Risk Analysis   S.I. Suddle
77 The MDTA Method for Analysing Diagnosis Failures in NPP Emergencies   J.W. Kim, W. Jung, J. Ha
78 The Risk of Flying Manhole Covers   Simon NGO
79 The Risk of Radiation from Nuclear Accident and Its Safety   Y.C. Luan, M.C. Shieh, W.L.Chen, et al.
80 The Risk Impact from Hazard Factor of Fire Probabilistic Safety Assessment for the PWR Nuclear Power Plant in Taiwan   Ching-Hui Wu
81 Total Constructive Maintenance (TCM): Beyond Legislative Control for Equipment and Machinery   Davis Liu & Sammy Wan
82 Walking and Climbing Service Robots for Safety Inspection of Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessels   B.L. Luk , A.A. Collie, D. S. Cooke and S. Chen
83 Wall Inspection System for High-Safety Maintenance of High-Rise Buildings   Louis, K. P. Liu
84 Zonal Network Platform (ZNP): Applications of a State-of-the-Art Deterministic CFD Based Scientific Computing Tool for Environment, Nuclear and Thermal Hazards   Dee H Wong

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