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Current Events

To be Determined Transforming Safety Culture, Improving Safety Performance
To be Determined Techncial Seminar on "Risk "Matrix - Reload"
Dec 2018 APOSHO-33, Hong kOng
16-20 Sep 2018 PSAM14 - The 14th Probabilistic Safety Assessment & Management Conference, Los Angeles
17-21 Jun 2018 European Safety and Reliability Conference ESREL, Trondheim, Norway
31 May-1 Jun 2018 6th International Symposium on Reliability Engineering and Risk Management, Singapore
6 Jan 2018 The 1st Technical Workshop of IAEM Hong Kong & Macau
20-22 Dec 2017 2nd International Conference on System Reliability and Science (ICSRS 2017), Milan, Italy
22 Dec 2017 Developing Nuclear Energy – A Secure Future
5 Dec 2017 我國核電發展現狀與展望
29 Nov 2017 Urban Expeditions: Exploring Sustainable City Solutions
13-15 Nov 2017 ASRAM2017 - Asian Symposium on Risk Assessment and Managemet, Yokohama, Japan
11-12 Nov 2017 Two-day Course (Part II) Commercial Arbitration
4 Nov 2017 Testing and Certification Day 2017
2-3 Nov 2017 Risk 2017, Finland
22-27 Oct Sep 2017 27th International Railway Safety Council 2017, Hong Kong
13 Oct 2017 Joint Safety, Health and Environmental Seminar 2017
27-29 Sep 2017 15th International Probabilistic Workshop, Dresden
25 Sep 2017 Design for Safety – Working at Height
3-6 Sep 2017 XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017
3-6 Sep 2017 27th International Railway Safety Council 2017, Singapore
27 Jun 2017 手搖發電機械人拔河比賽及機械螞蟻障礙賽
16 Jun 2017 Asia Safety Management Summit 2017
15-17 Jun 2017 International Conference on Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Sciences and Engineering, Greece
13 May 2017 Annual Safety Conference 2017
14-15 Apr 2017 Technical Delegation to Guangzhou, China
10-11 Apr 2017 Rail Safety 2017
8-9 Apr 2017 Evidence – principle & practice
11 Mar 2017 Risk Management and Business Intelligence 2017
9 Mar 2017 Public acceptance - how to deal with nuclear's biggest challenge
20 Jan 2017 Canadian Truck Safety
17 Jan 2017 Technical Seminar – Expert Witness Experience – Reconstruction and Discovery the Scene of Traffic Accident via Mechanical Knowledge
6-9 Dec 2016 16th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Bali, Indonesia
27-28 Oct 2016 Cyber Risk Management
27 Oct 2016 Recent Severe Accident Research and Development in Europe
22 Oct 2016 Build a Robust and Resilient Organization with ISO 27001 and ISO 22301
5 Oct 2016 Transforming Safety Culture, Improving Safety Performance (Full)
2-7 Oct 2016 13th International Conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management (PSAM 13), Seoul, Korea
25-29 Sep 2016 European Safety and Reliability Conference 2016, Glasgow
22 Sep 2016 Enable Peace of Mind In Supply Chain Mitigate Risk in Purchasing Building Components
10 Sep 2016 Hong Kong Futures: a dialogue
30 Aug 2016 From great to greater - getting it right with corporate safety governance (Full)
28 Aug 2016 Aero Evening 2016
25 Aug 2016 Parima Event - From Reputational Crisis to Reputational Diligence and Opportunity
21-22 Jun 2016 IOSH Annual Conference, London, UK
9-10 Jun 2016 2nd Symposium on Quantitative Finance and Risk Analysis
7 Jun 2016 Recent development in fluoride salt-cooled high-temperature reactor (fhr) technology
1 Jun 2016 Behind A Glass of Wine--Wine Logistics & Quality Assurance in Hong Kong
28-30 May 2016 6th Asian-Pacific Symposium on Structural Reliability and Its Applications (APSSRA) Tongji University, Shanghai, China
20 May2016 The New Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulations
17 May 2016 Strategic Risk Forum 2016, Singapore
13 May 2016 Managing the Risk of Extortion and Malicious Threats to your Business
23 Apr 2016 Railway Operation Professional Training Course
22 Apr 2016 IOSH Hong Kong Annual Safety Conference 2016- Prevention through Design for Better Safety and Health
9 Apr 2016 2016 Two-day Courrse: Commercial Arbitration
5-6 Apr 2016 APOSHO 31 Conference, New Delhi, India
22 Mar 2016 Nuclear Energy: Future Technologies and Challenges for Growth
26 Jan 2016 Impacts of Fukushima Accident on Nuclear Power in Taiwan
10 Dec 2015 Hualong One: An indigenous 3rd generation nuclear technology of China for a safer application of nuclear energy
6-10 Dec 2015 Society for Risk Analysis 2015 Annual Meeting, Arlington, Virginia, USA
4 Dec 2015 Dangerous Goods Management: A Planning and Operation Perspective
1-4 Dec 2015 RiskSpectrum PSA courses, Stockholm, Sweden
29 Nov 2015 Centaline Wine Charity Run Carnival 2015
23-25 Nov 2015 3rd International Conference on Materials and Reliability, Korea
21 Nov 2015 LEED V.4 Exam Preparation Training
13 Nov 2015 Predicting the consequences of the dispersion of chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear agents in the urban environment
12-15 Nov 2015 12th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering (ICASP12)
7-8 Nov 2015 2015 CILTHK Two-day Course - Law of Contract
4-6 Nov 2015 13th International Probabilistic Workshop, Liverpool, UK
29 Oct 2015 Innoxcell Asia Symposium 2015, Shanghai, China
19-21 Oct 2015 ProSafe Europe 2015, London
17-24 Oct 2015 Green Environment and Energy Saving Certified Professional in Indoor Air Quality ( Level 1 / 2)
13-16 Oct 2015 ISGSR-2015: 5th International Symposium for Geotechnical Safety and Risk (ISGSR 2015) Rotterdam,The Netherlands
4-9 Oct 2015 25th International Railway Safety Council, Johannesburg, South Africa
25 Sep 2015 Dust Explosion - A Preventable Accident at Work Place
24 Sep 2015 ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/CD 45001 - New requirements & Implementation
10 Sep 2015 OSH Site Visit: Guinness Storehouse (the Brewery), Dublin, Ireland
7-10 Sep 2015 ESREL2015 - European Safety and Reliability Conference, Zurich, Switzerland
30 July 2015 Fostering Risk-Informed safety Culrture, CEM SHEQ Excellence Awards Presentation Ceremony, Macau
27-29 July 2015 A 3-Day Professional Development Course on Chemical Process Safety - HKUST
19-23 July 2015 World Congress on Risk 2015, Singapore
7 July 2015 Innoxcell Asia Symposium, Singapore
15-17 Jun 2015 24th SRA-Europe conference, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
5 June 2015 The Do's and Don'ts in Risk Management
5 June 2015 SOEHK Symposium on Reaching the Next Level of Health, Safety and Environmental Management by New Technology and Innovation
26 May 2015 IPAF Asia Conference
18 May 2015 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - How to acquire GEES CP IAQ
24 Apr 2015 IOSH Annual Safety Conference 2015
23 Apr 2015 New International Health and Safety Standard - ISO 45001 (FULL)
14-16 Apr 2015 Innoxcell Asia Symposium (IAS 2015)
28 Mar 2015 HKOSHA Safety Conference
6 Mar 2015 Half-Day Nuclear Safety and Risk Symposium - Safe Restart of Japanese Nuclear Reactors
10-11 Feb 2015 Captive & Risk Management Asia Summit, Macau
24 Jan 2015 Green Environment Energy Saving
22 Jan 2015 Restoration from Fukushima Daiichi NPP accident
17 Jan 2015 Utility Safety and BIM Competitiion Award Presentation Ceremony
7-10 Dec 2014 Risk Analysis: The Common Denominator, Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting 2014, Denver, USA
6-7 Dec 2014 Latest Development in Law of Contracts and Measures of Damages
3 Dec 2014 A Reflection on the Red Flags Raised in the US Nuclear Industry in Recent Years
6 Nov 2014 StrategicRISK Risk Management Clinic
16-22 Nov 2014 LEED AP and Green Associate V4 Exam Preparation Training
4-5 Nov 2014 IPW-2014: 12th International Probabilistic Workshop, Weimar, Germany
31 Oct 2014 International Nuclear Energy Forum
18-19 Oct 2014 Workshop in HAZOP for Chemical Industry, Nanjing
28 Jul 2014 LEED New Construction and Project Implementation Training
28 Jul 2014 LEED New Construction and Project Implementation Training
26-27 Jul 2014 LEED Accredited Professional (AP) Building Design and Construction (BD+C) Exam Preparation
20-27 Jun 2014 PSAM12 - 12th International Conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment & Management, Honolulu, USA
7 Jun 2014 港深樹木管理及技術交流會
25-28 May 2014 The 6th International Conference on Reliable Engineering Computing, Chicago, USA
17,24 May 2014 Railway Operation Professional Training Course
29 Apr 2014 Advanced Passive Nuclear Power Technology Development in China
25 Apr 2014 IOSH Annual Safety Conference 2014
17 Apr 2014 Managing Workplace Health and Safety-Systematic Approach vs Innovative Approach (Full)
15 Apr 2014 Process Safety Management Certification Course
10 Apr 2014 Risk Management Breakfast Roundtable: The Strategic Risk Manager's Challenges in the 21st Century
3 Apr 2014 Certificate in Fire Safety Management
30 Mar 2014 Wine Charity Run 2014
8 Mar 2014 Three Years After Fukushima, What Lessons were Learnt?
3-4 Mar 2014 Workshop on Establishing Professional Ethics and Communication Skills for Safety Officers
18-19 Feb 2014 Asia Risk Management Summit
12 Feb 2014 Safety of Lift Shaft Works
16 Dec 2013 Non-nuclear, low-carbon, or both? The case of Taiwan
7 Dec 2013
Two-day Course: Risk Prevention
21 Nov 2013 The International Forum on Sustainable Green City
14 Nov 2013 Certificate Course in Fire Safety Management
11 Nov 2013 2013 Asset Management of Transition from PAS 55 to ISO 55001 & Local Experience of Implementation
6-8 Nov 2013 2013 11th International Probabilistic Workshop 2013, Brno, Czech Republic (IPW11)
22 Oct 2013 The use of CATHARE and ASTEC codes for nuclear reactors accident analysis
18 Oct 2013 Sustainable Energy for the Future - How to make the best choice?
22-27 Sep 2013 PSA 2013-The International Topical Meeting on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Analysis, Columbia, South Carolina, USA
25 Sep 2013
Energy Choices and Consequences
16 Sep 2013
Nuclear Safety and Impact on Future Energy Mix
7 Sep 2013
The development and concerns of the latest EPR-1000 Generation III reactor in China
6 Sep 2013
Risk Management System for Medical Devices
Sep 2013 OSH Site Visit: Guinness Storehouse (the Brewery), Dublin, Ireland (Postponed to Feb 2014)
30 Aug 2013
Observation of the disappearance of neutrinos
27-29 Aug 2013 The 4th International Conference on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response, Istanbul, Turkey
21 Aug 2013
ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management Systems (Full)
6 Aug 2013
The Latest Development in Nuclear Safety
27 Jul 2013
Utility Safety - How it happens and how to prevent
18 May 2013
Health and Safety Seminar on H7N9
13 May 2013
Electrical Safety of Construction Work Sites in HK
10 May 2013
Delivering Change and Creating Value through Industrial Engineering (IE) Methodology
29 Apr 2013
Safety and Risk Management of the Backend Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Current status in the US
26 Apr 2013
IOSH (HK) Safety Conference - Radical Rethinking of Safety Leadership and Construction Planning Towards Excellence
20 Apr 2013
Safety Forum on Hong Kong Arboriculture
15-17 Apr 2013
PSAM Topical Conference in Tokyo - In light of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Accident
13 Apr 2013
Safety Practitioner Forum on How to Improve Safety when Working at Height in HK
8 Apr 2013
Economic Impact of a Nuclear Accident
3 Apr 2013
Emergency Planning for Fire Safety
16 Mar 2013
The Dynamic Uncertain Causality Graph for Knowledge Representation and Probabilistic Reasoning Applied in Fault Diagnoses of Complex Systems
8 Mar 2013
Sustainability in Asset Management - A Seminar on the Future Opportunities in Asset Management
26 Jan 2013 Visiting Daya Bay NPP with a Focus on Occupational Safety and Health (Full)
8 Jan 2013 Nuclear Safety and Risk Workshop on The Latest Development in Nuclear Safety and Nuclear Industry
17 Dec 2012 New Energy Policy and Nuclear Power in Taiwan (Full)
1-2 Dec 2012 Two-day Course: Commercial Arbitration (Full)
17 Nov 2012 Nuclear Reactor Safety: Operating Experience and Risk Assessment
15-16 Nov 2012 10th International Probabilistic Workshop, Germany
14 Nov 2012 Forum: Human Risk Management for Overseas Projects
17 Oct 2012 Nuclear Safety and Risk Workshop on Nuclear Emergency Response and Consequence Assessment
16 Oct 2012 ISO 22301:2012 - Business Continuity Management Systems
5 Oct 2012 Safety Auditor Conference
30-Sept to 3-Oct 2012 Technical Visit to Taiwan Nuclear Power Plants and High Speed Rail (Full)
22 Sept 2012 Work Safety Initiatives in Guangzhou
15 Sept 2012 Symposium on Nuclear safety and Risk: Challenges and Opportunities (Full)
14Sept-26Oct 2012 Certification Course on City Gas Management and Utilization Technology
3 Sept 2012 Nuclear Energy Safety ?Necessary Evil or Unwanted Risk?
31 Aug 2012 Application of Risk Tree in Enhancing Transportation Safety (Full)
21 Aug 2012 Risk and Safety ?Perspectives from the Aerospace Industry (Full)
29-31 Aug 2012 Power Plant Maintenance and Outage Management Asia, Singapore
25-29 June 2012
PSAM 11 & ESREL 2012 at Helsinki, Finland
4-6 Jun 2012
Asian Securitex 2012 ?The 12 th Asian International Security, Safety and Fire Protection Show & Conference
17 May 2012
Southern California Society for Risk Analysis 25th Annual Meeting
27 Apr 2012
Symposium on Construction Safety and Risk Assessment
24 Apr 2012 Symposium on Safety Management and Emergency Responses to a Serious Nuclear Accident
14 Apr 2012

Certificate Training Workshop: Risk Management and Safety Engineering I ?Fundamentals Session 6

13 Apr 2012 IOSH (HK) Annual Safety Conference 2012
31 Mar 2012

Certificate Training Workshop: Risk Management and Safety Engineering I ?Fundamentals Session 5

24 Mar 2012

Certificate Training Workshop: Risk Management and Safety Engineering I ?Fundamentals Session 4

22 Mar 2012 Updated Program for Safety Practitioner Forum
19-22 Mar 2012
Analyzing Risk: Science, Assessment, and Management
17 Mar 2012

Certificate Training Workshop: Risk Management and Safety Engineering I ?Fundamentals Session 3

14 Mar 2012 Broken Windows or Is Tidy Safer(Full)
10 Mar 2012

Certificate Training Workshop: Risk Management and Safety Engineering I ?Fundamentals Session 2

10 Mar 2012 Symposium on One Year after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident ?the Way Forward with Safety and Risk Engineering
5-7 Mar 2012
Vertical Cities
3 Mar 2012

Certificate Training Workshop: Risk Management and Safety Engineering I ?Fundamentals Session 1

1 Mar 2012 Risk Assessment and Management of Outdoor Activities (Full)
20 Dec 2011
Human Factors Consideration in Station Planning (Full)
5-8 Dec 2011
New IOSH 4-Day Managing Safely Accredited Course
3 Dec 2011
Risk Assessment Workshop for NGO Volunteers (Full)
29-30 Nov 2011
Managing Strategic Risks and Uncertainties in a Volatile Economy
22 Nov - 3-Dec 2011
Certificate Training Course on Management of Lifts & Escalators
19, 24 Nov 2011
CPD courses on "Green Infrastructure for the Built Environment of Hong Kong"
17-18 Nov 2011
First Asia-Europe Forum on Methods and Perspectives of Risk Analysis
14 Oct 2011
Certificate Training Workshop: ISO 31000 Risk Management ?Principles and guidelines (Full)
9-10 Sept 2011
The Sixth International Conference on Disclosure, Communication and Enterprise
10 June 2011
Increasing Nuclear Literacy in Hong Kong
2 June 2011
A Case Study on the Importance of Managing Risk Perception in Your Organisation (Full)
22-25 May 2011
The 3rd International Conference on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response
28-29 April 2011
Construction Project Risk Management 2011
23 Mar 2011
Lessons Learnt from the Japan Nuclear Crisis ?A Safety Practitioner's Perspective (Full)
22 Mar 2011
Modeling Heterogeneous Risk-Taking Behavior in Route Choice: A Stochastic Dominance Approach
13-17 Mar 2011
2011 International Topical Meeting on Probabilistic Safety Analysis
6-9 Mar 2011
The Second International Conference on Utility Management and Safety 2011
One-day Symposium on Safety in Construction
Risk Management for Mega Construction Projects
24 & 25 Jan 2011
Global Bank Risk, Singapore
11-12 Dec 2010
CILTHK Two-day Course - Arbitration and Evidence
7 Dec 2010
Sixty for communication skills and forty for technical knowledge? Understanding Professional Communicative Competences of Professionals in Engineering?/a>
30 Nov 2010
Managing Competence for Safety Critical Roles
19,22,24 Nov 2010
IOSH Safety for Senior Executives - Certificate Course
16 Nov 2010
The Risk of Using Risk Matrix in Assessing Safety Risks(Full)
18 Sep 2010
Conference on Regulative Requirement on Building Inspection for Better Building Safety
9-12 Sep 2010
Technical Visit to Shanghai (Event of ICUMAS.2011)
27 Aug 2010
Prevention of Flesh-Eating Disease
25 Aug 2010
Role of Data Management for Road Opening Control & Safety in Hong Kong
9 Aug 2010
Technical Visit to Hong Kong Disneyland
6 Aug 2010
AEEMM/SOEHK Joint Conference 2010
10 July 2010
Sustainable Plant Engineering for Achieving Green and Environmental Friendliness Facilities in Asia
30 Jun 2010
SRSO - OSH Symposium 2010 Download: Reply Form
29 Jun 2010
ICAC Talk on anaging Staff Integrity -???????/A>
28 Jun 2010
Technical Meeting on Smart Metering Technology
15 Jun 2010
Disasters: Preparedness Response and Recovery (Full)
International Conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management (PSAM10)
Asian Securitex 2010
20 May 2010
Technical Visit to Waste Transfer Station (Victoria Road, HK Island)
19 May 2010
Water Leakage Detection and Control(WLD) for Better Safety Work in Hong Kong
30 April 2010 The Usefulness of Pipe and Strand Condition Surveys (PCS) by Non-destructive Methods for Safety Improvement
28 April 2010 Route to mediation for professionals in the construction and engineering industry
16 April 2010 2010 Safety Conference - Sharing of Safety Management in Large Organizations
30 Mar 2010
Leading the Revolution of Train Asset Management
19 Mar 2010 Greenhouse Gas Conference - Wrestling with Greenhouse Gases to Win Sustainability
17 Mar 2010 Best Practices of Infection Containment during Normal & High-Risk Periods
17 Mar 2010

Technical Visit to Lamma Power Station (LPS) and Wind Power Station

5 Mar 2010 Fire Prevention
4-10 Mar 2010 Study Mission to Brisbane......A Water Smart City
2 Mar 2010 Expert Forum: Managing the Risks of a Global Workforce
2 Mar 2010 Building Safety and Maintenance
Construction Safety Course for Project Managers Organized by Concord Associates PTE Ltd in Hong Kong
Preparation for the Second Wave Human Swine Influenza
2 Feb 2010
Innovative Application of Technologies for Effective Suppression of Construction Site Air Pollution
29 Jan 2010
Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure in Hong Kong
19 Jan 2010
Integrated Safety Solution for Safety Engineering


To be arranged
Safety and Risk Management Site Visit and Workshop in Macau
To be arranged
Workshop on Saphire - A low-cost probabilistic risk, safety, and reliability tool developed by Idaho National Engineering Laboratory's
To be arranged
Workshops on System Safety (a series of certification courses)
To be arranged
Applications of Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP)





Safety and Risk Management Site Visit and Workshop in Macau

Organized by

Date, Time & Venue
2010 Feb, Saturday
9:00 am ?6:00 pm


To be arranged.

Programme Highlights
Please mark your calendar, details to be provided later.

Registration & Enquiry
Please mark your calendar, details to be provided later.

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Other Seminars

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Workshop on Saphire - A low-cost probabilistic risk, safety, and reliability tool developed by Idaho National Engineering Laboratory's

Date: Details will be announced later. Please visit again later!

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