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Vertical Cities
A Marcus Evans Event

Date, Time and Venue
5th - 7th March 2012, Hong Kong

Please visit www.verticalcities-lse.com/hkarms

Today's world is soaring and rising high with Vertical Cities boasting of cutting-new edge ‘urban architecture' i.e. new buildings and preserving the heritage buildings recognisable around the world.

The epitome of Vertical Cities is an integration of buildings within a city life with important sociocultural implications. Vertical Cities is a collaboration of typical high-rise forms which includes retail malls and multi-use towers that stack and mix commercial, retail, and residential functions.

In a congested city, the main concerns are designing of sustainable high density built environments where the problems of urban sprawl, traffic congestion and pollution have threatened the prospects of biodiversity, greenery, livability and general well-being of the inhabitants. The solution to cope with high density cities is to build upwards. In the past, many countries have deployed tall buildings as a way to solve urban problems, while at the same time creating national identity for the country through a powerful skyline. Vertical cities are now a sought-after urban habitat in upcoming cities. Vertical cities are seen as the only solution to achieving economies of scale and to address issues pertaining to space, high land prices and density challenges.

Vertical Cities is specifically designed to meet all building industry practitioners' demands to secure and guarantee their investments. This conference will highlight through practical case studies and panel on its importance to the building sector be it upcoming or existing buildings; will have to adopt green initiatives and energy efficiency to remain competitive and at the same time sustainable. It will offer participants insights on state-of-the-art techniques that can be drawn upon from the vast experience of our global speaker line-up

With more ambitious projects of Vertical Cities such as the dream of building a city within a city, one has to examine the typologies, design, engineering considerations and technology for future development of a city's skyline . Don't miss this opportunity to meet the line up of key international speakers and to network with a very niche and targeted group of delegates from across the world.

Follow your own agenda with a choice of three streams over the 3 days:

DAY 1 & DAY 2
Stream I : Masterplanning and Typology
Stream II : Structural Engineering and Design
Stream III : Sustainability and Revitalisation

Day 3 Sustainable Building Materials and Construction Technologies
Stream I : Prefabrication and Innovative Technologies
Stream II : Smart & Sustainable Materials

* All HKARMS members are entitled to a discount of 10% when registering with Ms. Esther .
Please contact Ms. Esther for details and quote EN-HKARMS during registration. *

For further details and brochures, please contact:
Ms. Esther Wong
Tel No: +603 2723 6736
Fax No: +603 2723 6699
Email: estherw@marcusevanskl.com

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