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Technical Seminar on “ Risk Management of Mega Construction Projects

Chairman Dr Vincent Ho (left) presented a souvenir to the Speaker Mr Steve Huyghe (right).

HKARMS organised anither full house event.



Sponsored by:
English Department, Polyu

Date: 22 February 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm (Registration starts after 6:30pm)
Venue: TU 103, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Speakers
Steve Huyghe, Head of construction, Solution Asia, FTI consulting . Steve was a General Contractor for over 23 years and has spent the last 20 years evaluating projects in dispute. It is from this experience that led to the creation of this claims mitigation program. Steve has constructed and evaluated many large infra-structure, industrial, oil & gas and energy projects.

Steve is a well known construction expert and has testified on many international projects and will also be sharing these actual experiences and how they have helped to shape the steps to be taken to avoid these reoccurring construction delays and disruptive events. Steve is presently employing these programs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Mongolia.

Programme highlights:
The Speaker will provide an actual claims mitigation training program that is being used by many large owners and contractors on major international mega projects. This program is broken done into what steps should one take “ Before Construction Begins ” and “ During the Course of Construction”.

Hands on information is shared in a concise manner enabling the audience to actually attain the key ingredients to employ to bring projects in on a timely basis and handle the normal tribulations that arise in the construction market today.

Registration Contact:
This seminar is free of charge and prior registration is required. Only on-line registration will be accepted.via
Participant number is limited ad is on a first-come-first-served basis. For enquiries, please contact HKARMS at info@hkarms.org

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