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Global Bank Risk, Singapore

The credit crisis has forced banks to critically examine how they manage risk and has exposed some significant weaknesses in risk management across the financial services industry. With the collapse of several prominent banks, the bailout of numerous others and their subsequent efforts to raise capital, the effects of the crisis are far-reaching and the impact to risk management for the banking industry, never greater.

In response to the crisis, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision from the Bank for International Settlements has created a new set of amendments to the existing Basel II Accord. These new regulations call for greater capital to be held in reserve, stronger credit management processes and improvements in liquidity risk management in order to strengthen and create a more prudently managed and resilient financial industry.

By zeroing in on the changes to the regulatory landscape, the Global Bank Risk conference aims to bring together experts from the regulators and the banking industry to expound on the impacts of the post-crisis on risk management. Join this conference to discover the key challenges and solutions to help prepare banking risk professionals to succeed and gain an edge in this highly competitive market and reshape the world of banking as we know it.

Key features:

Adjustment (CVA) – Challenges and opportunities

* All HKARMS members are entitled to a discount of 10% when registering with Ms. Esther. Please contact Ms. Esther for details and quote EN-HKARMS during registration. *


For further details and brochures, please contact:
Ms. Esther Wong
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