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Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is an ideal place for Electric Vehicles - high fuel prices and short driving distances make electric cars a viable alternative to conventional gasoline vehicles. EVs are also an integral part of facilitating a “Greener Hong Kong” by reducing roadside emissions and increasing the overall efficiency of transport.

However, a reliable EV charging network is vital to alleviate "range anxiety" that many users associate with electric vehicles. CLP Power has recently launched a pilot plan to build the first EV charging network in Hong Kong. Its emergence will encourage drivers to consider electric vehicles and hopefully lead to its widespread use.

The talk intends to provide insights into the pilot plan and the challenges for an Electric Vehicle Charging network both currently and in the future.


Senior Strategic Planner
Business Strategy & Planning Department
CLP Power Hong Kong

* Applied Science Degree from the University of British Columbia
* MBA from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
* 18 years in the gas & electricity business – ranging from production operation and management, retail services, marketing to business strategy & planning
* Current work focused on sustainability – energy efficiency & conservation, renewable energy, carbon issues and electric vehicles

Proposed Program

Venue: PolyU
Date: 29 January 2010
Time: 19:00 – 20:30

Registration & Enquiry

Please reserve your seat via the following link,

http://hkarms.org/ Registration/EventRegister. php?Event=27

For enquiries, please contact Ms Connie Mui at 31880062 or email to: connie@soe.org.hk

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