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I-Ching and Management

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Date: Monday, 7 December 2009, 6:30 registration,
7:00p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Venue: Seminar room, HKIE

Speaker Details:

Ir Dr Louis Lock was the Head of Q&M Gp of CAD for years and responsible for seminars related to ‘Chinese Wisdom and Modern Management’
Ir YH Cheung, FHKIE, is currently a Kowloon City District Council Member. He chaired classes of Three-Nations & Modern Management and Qigong.
Ir Paul Chan is now a newspaper columnist on Art and Geomancy in the HKEJ (信報) and Face-reading & Palmistry in the HKCP (商報).

Programme highlight:

Sixty four qua (卦) in the book of I-Ching, the oldest ancient book in China, are used to interpret different modern management concepts, models and practices like hierarchy management, balance sheet application, change management, company and product life growth, front line and support practices etc. The speaker will demonstrate how I-Ching relates to the contemporary management so as to let readers know more the widsom of I-Ching.

Registration Contact / Enquiry:

Registariotn via website of SSC for online registration at http://www.hkiessc.com/Activity_Registration/ActivityRegister.php?Event=50

For enquiries, please contact Ir Jeffrey Yung at Tel: 28220542. Certificate of attendance will be available.

Registration Fee:

Free of Charge

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