Technical Advisory Panel

Professor Arnold Dix,
Counsel at Law, Adj Professor (Eng), Queensland University of Technology

Professor Guangsheng Sun
, Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Professor Yunsheng Zhao, Department of Safety Engineering, China University of Geosciences

Hong Kong
Dr Alex Cheung, Principal Consultant, Professional Training & Strategy Limited; Founding Chairman, HKIE Safety Specialist Group
Ir James Kwan, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited
Mr Roger Lai, Director, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
Mr Norman Lo,
Director-General of Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Department

Mr Andrew McCusker, Acting Operations Director, MTR Corporation

Mr Shigeo Kojima
, Deputy Chief Engineer, Computer Software Development Company, Limited
Mr Kazuyuki Tohara, Associate Senior Engineer, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Dr Jaejoo Ha
, Director, Integrated Safety Assessment Division, Korea Atomic Research Institute
Professor Moosung Jae, Chair of Nuclear Engineering Department, Hanyang University

Mr Kwok-Weng Leong
, Chief Engineer (Systems),Land Transport Authority
Professor Min Xie, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, National University of Singapore

Dr Tsu-Mu Kao
, Deputy Director, Nuclear Engineering Division,Institute of Nuclear Energy Research
Professor Wei-Ling Chiang
, Vice President, National Central University

Dr David H Johnson
, Chief of Technology, ABS Consulting, Inc
Dr Alan L Rao, Office of Safety and Security, VNTSC/RSPA, US Department of Transportation

European Union (Italy)
Professor Enrico Zio,
Department of Nuclear Engineering, Politecnico di Milano (Technical University of Milan)