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Presentation Format

2005 Asia Pacific Conference on Risk Management and Safety
Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Time Limit

Each speaker is allowed a maximum of 20 minutes for each paper presentation. Q&A ("question and answer") for each paper should be conducted at the end of each session for all papers and not at the end of each presentation. This arrangement is to foster exchange of ideas for all papers within a session.

Speakers must check in with registration desk in the morning of 1-December-05. Otherwise, the organizing committee may not know whether there would be presentation for your paper and may substitute or cancel your paper presentation.

Speakers are requested to prepare a short paragraph (3 lines) for the session chair to introduce the speakers. The information should include the speakers' title, name, job post, affiliation, country, qualification, research and application interests, etc. Speakers should give the introduction to their respective session chair or leave the introduction at the registration desk as early as possible.

Speakers are requested to report to the room for their session at least 5 minutes before the commencement of the session.

Presentation Format

All visual presentations are expected to be conducted by Microsoft PowerPoint. NO overhead projector will be provided.

Dell notebook computer and LCD projector will be provided for PowerPoint presentation. The software installed on the Dell computer is Microsoft Window XP Service Pack 2 (English version) and Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition (English version). USB ports and CD ROM are available for transferring files.

Speakers are requested to bring their own Power Point file to the Conference in the form of CD-ROM or other portable memory device that can be readily recognized by the conference computers. If speakers have any non-standard English fonts, sound tracks or video clips in their presentation file, please make sure it can run on the above configurations without any additional software. If speakers are not sure, they can use their own notebooks for presentation.

Two notebook computers will be set up near the registration desks during the conference for testing your presentation file. The speakers could also test their presentation file before commencement of their session.

If the speaker requires any other AV equipment (such as overhead projector, TV, VCR), please arrange directly with the Conference Hotel:

Mr. Kin Ngan
Events Manager,
Kowloon Shangri-La
64 Mody Road,
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2733-8893
Fax: (852) 2311-2579

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