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Conference Program


Conference Program:

2005 Asia Pacific Conference on Risk Management and Safety
1-2 December 2005 . Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel . Hong Kong
Conference Programme


1 December 2005

7:30 Registration Grand Ballroom Foyer

Opening Address

Ir Dr. Vincent Ho, Conference General Chairman

Ms. Sandra Lee, JP, Permanent Secretary for Economic Development and Labour (Economic Development), HKSAR

Ir Dr. Hon Raymond Chung-tai Ho, S.B.St.J., JP, Legislative Council (Engineering Functional Constituency), HKSAR


Plenary Session

Applying the Concept of Safety Management to the Civil Aviation System in Hong Kong

Mr. N. Lo, Director-General of Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Department (Hong Kong)


A Railway’s Journey into Risk Management

Mr. A. McCusker, Acting Operations Director, MTR Corporation (Hong Kong)


The European Lookout to Industrial Safety

Professor E. Zio, Technical University of Milan (European Union)


                                               Coffee Break


Plenary Session

Managing Fuel Gas Risk in Hong Kong

Ir R. Lai, Director, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (Hong Kong)


How Can We Survive Between Safety And Risk? An Elucidation of Appropriate Definition

Mr. S. Kojima, Deputy Chief Engineer, Computer Software Development Company, Limited (Japan)


An Overview of Risk Management in Public Transportation Systems in North America

Dr. A. Rao, Senior OR Analyst, Volpe Center/RITA, Department of Transportation (USA)


Natural Catastrophe Risk Management

Professor W. L. Chiang, Vice President, National Central University (Taiwan)


                                    VIP Speaker:

                             The Changing Face of Risk

                                      Mr. Bernard Fung, Chairman & CEO of Aon Asia Pacific




                                  Souvenir Presentation

Tai Po/Shek-O
                  Rose Peony Magnolia Camomile Harbour I
1:30 Corporate and Business Risk Risk Management and Safety in Construction Industry Managing Safety and Risks Accident Analysis Risk Management & Safety in Chemical Processing Industry

Chair - Arnold Dix


Chair - Enrico Zio


Chair - Anthony Cumming

(U. K.)

Chair - Ali Hessami

 (U. K.)

Chair - Encon Hui

 (Hong Kong)

Corporate Governance and Safety Risk Management in Asia

A. Waring (Hong Kong)

CPM, PERT and Risk Analysis in Construction; Feasibility Management Case Study

P. Daneshmand (Australia)

Electricity Legislation in Hong Kong Safeguarding the General Public in the Use of Electricity

K. M. Leung, W. Y. Ho (Hong Kong)

Accident Sequence Precursor Analyses of Taiwan Nuclear Power Plants

Y. C. Chou, C. H. Wu (Taiwan)

Supporting Safety in Process Industry SMEs – the S2S Project

J. Schabel, R. Nomen (Finland, Spain)

A Business Model for Safety Risk Management

M. V. Frank (USA)

Towards Zero Accidents in Construction Industry For Malaysia

N. Sambu Potty, C. de Guzman (Malaysia)

Indoor Environmental Health Risk Management

S. C. Chan (Hong Kong)


Accident Sequence Analysis of Railway Accidents Based on Safety Control Functions

T. Kohda, H. Fujihara (Japan)

The Development of a 3D Risk Analysis Method

Y. P. I, T. L. Cheng (Taiwan)


Minimising Risk and Maximising Opportunity – Risk Management in Gammon Construction Ltd.

P. Wong, R. Lee, A. Rooney, I. Wink (Hong Kong)

The Development of Integrated Safety In The Construction Industry in Hong

Kong Y. Y. Wong (Hong Kong)

Behavioral Responses to an Audible Fire Alarm in High-Rise Buildings in Hong Kong

N. K. Fong, L. T. Wong, W. H. Sui (Hong Kong)

Accident Precursor Monitoring – A Model that Works to Improve Safety?

R. Hirsch, B. Condry, D. Graham (UK)

The Development of 3D Consequence Analysis Software

Y. P. I, C. H. Lee, T. L. Cheng (Taiwan)


Business Risk Management of China Joint-Venture Gas Utilities

K. T. Leung, V. Kwong (Hong Kong)

Consideration of Uncertainty in Structural Design of RC Frame Subjected to Seismic Loading

P. Štemberk, K. Jaroslav, A. Kohoutková (Czech Republic)

The Risk of Flying Manhole Covers

S. Ngo (Hong Kong)


A Systemic Approach to a Railway Accident Scenario Analysis Using a Quality Function Deployment

C. Park, J. Wang, S. Kwak, J. Park (Korea)

Risk Analysis for Chemical Parks and Industrial Areas. Methodologies, Models, Applications

S. Senni Buratti (Italy)


Coffee Break

                  Rose Peony Magnolia Camomile Harbour I
                  Security/Terrorism Risks Business Continuity and Safety Culture Risk Management Aviation and Space Risk Management and Safety in the Gas Industry

Chair - Steve Tunstall

(Hong Kong)

Chair - B. L. Luk

 (Hong Kong)

Chair - Enrico Zio


Chair - M. Xie


Chair - T. M. Kao (Taiwan)


Security from Terrorism on London Underground

G. Dunmore, R. Hirsch (UK)

Discussion about Business Continuity Management in Taiwan's Industry

W. Y. Liu, Y. C. Yao, M. L. Lin, J. Y. Lin (Taiwan)

Risk, is there no REWARD?

A. G. Hessami, I. Shannon (China)

Lessons Learned and Risk Management

K. Tohara (Japan)

A Review on Risk Levels Associated with LPG Filling Stations in Hong Kong

M. Ko, W. Kwok (Hong Kong)


Anti-terrorism Strategies for Land Transportation – A Risk-Informed Approach

A. Har, C. Wong (Hong Kong)

Disaster Risk Management in South-East Asia

A. Dali (France)

Risk Management or Managing Risk? Moving people from process to preference!

D. Smith (Australia)

Safety Management System in Air Traffic Services

D. Cheung (Hong Kong)

The Comparison of CFD with a Traditional Method Used in an Incident Investigation Case Happened in Taiwan

Y. P. I, T. L. Cheng (Taiwan)


Measurement and Improvement of Information Security Culture

S. O. Johnsen, C. W. Hansen, Y. Nordby, M. B. Dahl (Norway)

Assessing “Risk Culture” using Risk Perception, Risk Management, and Safety Climate Measures

A. I. Glendon (Australia)

The Developments in a Rational Approach to Risk: A Practitioner’s View over 45 Years

J. A. Cuming (UK)

Risk Management Considerations of the SOFIA Aircraft

M. V. Frank (USA)

Risk Analysis of a Liquefied Natural Gas Storage Tank

Y. C. Ko, M. Lee (Taiwan)

                      Hardening for Terrorist's Threats - Are There any Silver Bullets
A. Dix (Australia)



Business Continuity Planning; Financial impact analysis and the role of insurance

L. Stratford

Theme Park Risk Management

F. Hau (Hong Kong)



The Development of the Cutoff Valve for Liquefied Petroleum Cylinders

J. K. Rhim (Korea)


End of Day-1 Parallel Session

6:15                    Conference Dinner - Lamma Island Boat Pick Up at Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier, 6:15 pm                   

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2 December 2005


Opening Address                                                                                                                                                  Fanling

Professor Michael Hung, Head, Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management Department,
City University of Hong Kong


Plenary Session                                                                                                                                                    Fanling

Current Developments and Future Challenges in Risk Management and Safety – A Personal Perspective

Dr. D. H. Johnson, Chief of Technology, ABS Consulting, Inc. (USA)


Safety in the Construction of Major Projects

Professor A. Dix, Counsel at Law and Adj Professor(Eng), Queensland University of Technology (Australia)


Risk-Informed Regulation and Applications in Taiwan

Dr. T. M. Kao, Deputy Director, Nuclear Engineering Division, Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (Taiwan)


Coffee Break

                   Rose Peony Magnolia Camomile Harbour I
                   System & Safety Assurance Risk-Informed Applications Occupational Safety & Health Risk-Based Decision-Making and Applications Computing Safety and Risks

Chair - Ivan Lai

(Hong Kong)

Chair - Arnold Dix


Chair - Louis K. P. Liu

(Hong Kong)

Chair - Anthony Cumming

(U. K.)

Chair - Robin Hirsh

(U. K.)


Application of Systems Engineering to Enhance Safety and Risk Management in Railway Projects

R. N. Dumolo (UK)

The Implementation of an Advanced Information Management System for a PSA

S. H. Kim, J. W. Kim, J. Ha (Korea)

Prevention of Incidences of Falling from Height

E. Hui (Hong Kong)

The Introduction of the Weighted Risk Analysis

S. I. Suddle (The Netherlands)

Software Reliability: Some Useful Models and Recent Advances

M. Xie (Singapore)


Safety Certification Process for Rapid Transit Systems in Singapore

S. K. Khoo, C. N. Tang (Singapore)

Degradation Analysis and Risk-Informed Management of Feedwater System in Nuclear Power Plants

W. F. Wu, J. S. You, H. T. Kuo, C. H. Wu (Taiwan)

Development of Safe Job Procedure – Job Hazard Analysis

L. Y. Chow, F. Chung (Hong Kong)

An Overview of a Proposed Shift from the Prescriptive Approach to a Risk-Based Approach in the Provision of Fire Extinguishers in Hong Kong

M. Leung (Hong Kong)

Assessment and Integration of Software Risk with Overall System Risk

M. Yau, S. Oliva, M. Motamed, S. Guarro (USA)


Risk Management Policy Based on the Defence-in-depth Concept

J. Valancogne, A. Cointet (France)

Initiating Event Analysis for ABWR on the Purpose of Risk-Informed Applications

C. C. Chao, C. T. Huang, M. C. Chen, et al. (Taiwan)

Return To Work Risk Management Program

F. Li, A. Cheng (Hong Kong)

An Approach for Implementing Risk-Informed Evaluation on Check Valves in Taiwan BWR Type Nuclear Power Plant

K. Ting, Y. C. Li, S. H. Hwang, et al. (Taiwan)

Qualification of a Software Development Environment for Safety Related Applications

O. Nordland (Norway)


Safety Assurance for Chinese Railway – Interfacing with International Practice and Standards

S. Zhang, F. Yan, J. Jin (China)



Occupational Chemical Exposure Management System

J. P. Fong, C. C. Wu (Taiwan)

GIS of Leaking Accident

K. Q. Wang, Z. Cheng, Y. Huang (China)




VIP Speaker:                                                              Tai Po/Shek-O

Ir Edmund Leung, OBE, JP, Past President, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers




Souvenir Presentation

1:30 Rose Peony Magnolia Camomile
Risk Management and Safety in Transportation I Nuclear Safety Safety and Reliability Management in Maintenance Fire Risk Assessment and Modelling

Chair - Ian Glendon


Chair - Wu Wen-Feng


Chair - Encon Hui

 (Hong Kong)

Chair - Steven Tunstall

 (Hong Kong)

Safety Management and Certification on Singapore Longest Road Tunnel – Kallang and Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE)

R. Lim, S. Chan, K. W. Leong (Singapore)

A Bayesian Inference Algorithm to Identify Types of Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants

K. M. Kang, M. Jae (Korea)

Walking and Climbing Service Robots for Safety Inspection of Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessels

B. L. Luk, A. A. Collie,

D. S. Cooke,

S. Chen (Hong Kong)

Fire Safety Assessment of Chemical Tank Farm

A. Yee (Singapore)

Fire Risk in Metro Tunnels and Stations

L. Poon, R. Lau (Australia)

Stability Solution for Inherently Safe ESBWR Operation

R. T. Chiang, Y. K. Cheung, A. K. Chung (USA)

Wall Inspection System for High-Safety Maintenance of High-Rise Buildings

K. P. Liu, S. K. Tso, B. L. Luk, T. Feng (Hong Kong)

Validation of Water Mist Suppression Systems under Ventilation Conditions in Compartment Space Efficiency of Computer Numerical Simulation

W. Y. Liu, H. C. Lu, Y. L. Shu, C. H. Chen (Taiwan)


A Holistic Approach to Risk Management

D. Tong, J. Chan (Hong Kong)

The MDTA Method for Analysing Diagnosis Failures in Nuclear Power Plant Emergencies

J. W. Kim, W. Jung, J. Ha (Korea)

Performance Reliability of Flow Networks

K. Gopal, R. Kumar (India)


On Estimating Heat Release Rate for a Design Fire in Sprinkler Protected Area

W. K. Chow (Hong Kong)


An Integrated R&D Plan for the Railway Safety in Korea

J. Wang, S. Kwak, C. Park, Y. Cho (Korea)

The Risk of Radiation from Nuclear Accident and its Safety

Y. C. Luan, M. C. Shieh, W. L. Chen (Taiwan)

Total Constructive Maintenance (TCM): Beyond Legislative Control for Equipment and Machinery

D. Liu, S. Wan (Hong Kong)

The Risk Impact from Hazard Factor of Fire Probabilistic Safety Assessment for the PWR Nuclear Power Plant in Taiwan

C. H. Wu, T. J. Lin, T. M. Kao (Taiwan)


Coffee Break

                  Rose Peony Magnolia Camomile
                  Risk Management and Safety in Transportation II Infrastructure & Project Risks Human Factor Fire Simulation and Modelling

Chair - Robin Hirsh

(U. K.)

Chair - Dono Tong

 (Hong Kong)

Chair - Rajiv Kumar


Chair - Enrico Zio



Conveying Dangerous Goods by Freight Train

L. Lee, E. Cheng (Hong Kong)

Cost-Effectiveness of safety measures in multiple use of space

S. I. Suddle (The Netherlands)

Practical ergonomics recommendations for the use of auditory and visual signals for improving system performance

K. Chan, A. Chan (Hong Kong)

The Fire and Explosion Simulation of Flammable Gas Release within a Semiconductor Plant

Y. P. I, Y. L. Chiu, S. J. Wu (Taiwan)


Risk Analysis versus Risk Acceptability in Major European Tunnel Projects

D. Diamantidis (Germany)

An Integrated Operational Risk Management Framework for Power Generation

S. Pang (Hong Kong)

Fault Tree Modeling Using Condition-Based HRA Method and Simplified Common Cause Failure Modeling Technique

H. G. Kang, S. C. Jang, J. Ha (Korea)

Numerical Simulation of Smoke Venting and Fire Safety in the Mixed Type Clean Room

H. C. Lu, W. Y. Liu, Y. C. Yao, H. T. Tsai, R. Y. Lin (Taiwan)


Marine Risk Assessment and its Role in Port Management

R. D. Colwill, E. Wong (Hong Kong)

Risk Management Model for Project Manager

G. Sou (Macau)

Evaluation of Human Factor within System Reliability

M. Bandelloni, F. De Carlo, O. Borgia, F. Tocchi (Italy)

Experimental Verification of a Radiant Heat Exposure Model

P. S. Hui, L. T. Wong (Hong Kong)


The Application of Reliability Centered Maintenance in the Whole Life cycle Support of Tracked Vehicle

B. Zhang, W. Song (China)


Risk Vs. Insurance for Semiconductor Industry in Taiwan

G. H. Chen, T. H. Tseng (Taiwan)



Zonal Network Platform (ZNP): Applications of a state-of-the-art deterministic CFD based scientific computing tool for environmental, nuclear and thermal hazards

D. H. Wong (USA)

5:00                     End of Conference - Social Hour                    

Note : The programme may be subjected to last minute changes without any prior notification to the participants

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Download:  Pre-Conference Workshop

Workshop Program:

2005 Asia-Pacific Conference on Risk Management & Safety

Pre-Conference Risk Management Workshop

Information will be posted on

Date:  30 November 2005




City University of Hong Kong, Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong

Room B6605, Academic Building.  (Main entrance to the building is at Level 4, the Podium.  Take Lift no. 3 to 6th floor and turn right on the way out)  

(Click on the picture to get an expanded view.)


From Hotel:

By taxi – approx. 20 minutes journey from Shangri-La hotel.

By MTR or KCRC – 10 to 15 minutes journey plus 10 minutes walk from hotel to station and 10 minutes walk from station to City University.  For MTR, walk from hotel to Tsim Sha Tsui station, get off at Kowloon Tong and follow the sign to Festival Walk Shopping Mall/City University of Hong Kong. For KCRC, walk from hotel to East Tsim Sha Tsui station, get off at Kowloon Tong and follow the sign to Festival Walk Shopping Mall/City University of Hong Kong.

(Click on the picture to get an expanded view.)





08:30 – 09:00


09:00 – 09:05


Ivan Lai

09:05 – 10:15

Risk and Risk Analysis: Concepts and Techniques

Enrico Zio

10:15 – 10:30

Tea Break

10:30 – 11:30 


System Assurance – A practical approach to Managing Safety & Reliability Risks

Ivan Lai

11:30 – 12:30

Security and Terrorism - A Practical Guide to Reducing the Risk

Robin Hirsch

12:30 – 13:30


13:30 – 14:30

Risk Control System - How to establish an effective and yet workable "live" risk control system in an operating environment?

Dono Tong

14:30 – 18:30

Visit to MTR Operation Control Centre and Disney Resort Line. Pick up by coaches from City University to visit MTR Operations Control Center at Tsing Yi, and later travel by MTR train to visit Sunny Bay and Disney Resort Stations.  Return journey by MTR train to Kowloon Station on the Airport Express Line and shuttle bus back to Shangri-La Hotel.

Ivan Lai


Details of getting there:


(Click on the picture to get an expanded view.)


  1. Please take the KCR from “East Tsim Sha Tsui” station to “Kowloon Tong” station.
  2. When you get off the KCR, look for Festival Walk exit.
  3. In Festival Walk, on Level LG1, there is a Pedestrian Subway which will lead you to CityU campus.
  4. After walking through the Pedestrian Subway, go straight and you will see the Academic Building in front of you.
  5. You are now at the 4/F of the Academic Building.
  6. Take lift no. 3 to 6th Floor and go to room B6605.


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